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Do You have a leak in your marketing plan?

Plug It! Most companies focus all their marketing on strangers and ignore their existing customers creating a huge missed opportunity in their marketing. A Mobile App that you give to your customers plugs this leak and grows your business. Mobile Apps Increase: Repeat Business: Increase the value from each client by encouraging repeat business with Discounts & Reward Points. Referrals: Make it one-click easy for your clients to share digital brochures and referrals with their friends. Reviews: Drive positive reviews and resolve negative reviews by encouraging online posting Social Networking: Make it easy for your loyal customers to post on your social platforms. Push Notifications: To keep in contact with your customers, sending them new product info or discount coupons. Mobile Apps Quick, Easy and Affordable! NEW CUSTOMERS VERSUS REPEAT BUSINESS IT COSTS 5 - 10x MORE TO ACQUIRE A NEW CUSTOMER THAN IT DOES TO SELL TO AN EXISTING CUSTOMER!
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