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Press Releases and Promotion

We distribute your Press Release to between 250 and 300+ Recognized Real Media Outlets and reach even more High Authority Media Outlets. We have the ability to reach up to 1400 authority news outlets and reach even more than services like PRWeb. This means your Press Release is going to be found in more places, by even more people, grabbing more attention than ever before... We Get You Heard! The power of the National Press Release campaign for a local business is the Backlinks generated by authority news sites, which means better search engine ranking. Your Press Release will be distributed locally as well, There is never a guarantee that it will be picked up by local news media, but in many case it is, for example: Submitting a Press Release through Net Marketing Dynamix is hands down the best and most cost- effective way to enhance your Reputation with your target market (and within your industry) while getting you known by more people than ever before. Got some especially hot news about your business you want to get heard? We can also get your Press Release published on Yahoo Finance and other high end financial sites, which results in higher traffic, wider visibility and even stronger exposure, culminating in a significantly increased authority boost for your business. You don't have to be floating on the stock exchange to benefit from this! This 'Add-On' is perfect for start-ups, new product releases and companies looking to sell or get funding. This type of exposure and distribution adds significantly to your perceived value and lets you enhance the narrative and control the story told to potential investors. ... this can easily become one of the highest ROI decisions you could make. There are many strategies but if you have no publicity plan, then you have only planned to fail. Now you can get results and double up on you publicity!
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The Power of Press Release Marketing

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Press Release Marketing  Net Marketing Dynamix Cape Girardeau MO. St. Louis MO.
The Secret of Distribution and SEO Syndication While there are several methods of distribution and syndication, in the end it depends on your objective and your publicity plan. The connections and the tricks of syndication are learned skills, but you shouldn’t waste your valuable time trying to ferret out the intricacies of another business; you have your own to manage. You just want to know that the message you are trying to communicate to your targeted market, is reaching them, and doing so in a consistent manner. Now, you too can have an effective publicity campaign for SEO and promotion. Is It Art or Is There A Science To PR? Publicity is a screwy business. You never know what is going to motivate the media, until you try it. Sometimes it's the first thing you send out, sometimes it's the fiftieth. I know people don't like to hear that, but this is the unvarnished truth. Consistency is one predominate principle. Other tactics such as trying new ideas and angles and finding current trends are others. I often think that the most nutritious, newsworthy things get ignored for the quick thrill of the moment. One of my favorite sayings is, "Perseverance leads to truth". It may not be your time, for whatever crazy reason. And then there is pure luck or fate. Combine that with some smarts and skill and you will have a huge boom to your business.