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The Secret of Ranking on Page One

Ranking in a competitive position for relevant keywords to the products and services being sold, a business needs to create a digital presence that is fast, easy to access, navigate and secure, as well as produce a user experience for information that is in demand by the target audience and an experience worthy of sharing and circulating by their prospects Essentially, SEO has become so vital, and so fundamental to the success of business endeavors, that now everyone in the organization is responsible or contributes in some way for the practice - from the development of content to the public relations firm, to customer service and the computer team. Lets discuss:

The SEO Foundations of Success

SEO is easy to get lost in the science of details rather than the art of the experience. The 5000 ft overview of SEO Success is built on three pillars: Content Links The Digital Experience Let's begin with basic fundamentals URL formatting: Keywords that are readable, short are preferred by search engines and web visitors. Title Tags: It's about relevant content, how and where they appear on the site and in search results. Again keywords shine here and symbols to save character count. Headings: Search engines and users find relevant content easier and search engines focus on HTML tags (H1 thru H3 and in the proper order. Schema Mark-up: While not necessarily a ranking factor, rich snippets can make your content look more appealing and increase your click-thru rate which does affect ranking. Keywords in Content: Mechanics of the development and the relevancy of the content is of vital importance to any SEO. Best practices include using keywords, related terms, phrases and synonyms at the beginning and end of content. Content Length: The longer the content, the higher it will rank in the search engines as it gives your site authority. Ideal length is from 1000 to 5000 words, keep in mind a site with 1000 to 2000 words will regularly out rank those with fewer. Media Content: Optimized Images, syndicated videos, charts and graphics that improve the user experience (UX) can greatly enhance a search engine optimization campaign. Speed: This is a critical ranking factor, but few businesses take the steps to speed up their online presence even though there are several ways to implement the change. Speed is a key component to optimizing the user experience and improve you ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Mobility: One of the most significant developments in recent years is the importance of have a MOBILE WEBSITE! In other words, if you don't have a mobile presence you will not rank in Google's world! Internal and External Links: These are the clues that signal to search engines the relevancy of your content.2-4 links for every 1000 words indicates a page is the nerve center of quality information. In an article from MOZ in the" 2016 State of Link Building Survey", "SEO futurists have predicted the death of links as a ranking signal for years on end. That hasn't happened yet, and I'm happy to say that link building as a practice has greatly evolved." Now, Let me explain why THE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE was included as a foundation. When a business pays attention to the consumer experience it ultimately means the consumer will perceive the value and benefit of conducting transactions with that business. A successful Internet Marketing Strategy means the SEO Marketing Team has focused on optimizing those elements that convey to the user that they are respected and their digital experience has been developed to provide information and services that they value and that they will benefit from purchasing and visiting this business often.

The Reason SEO is Critical in The Development of Any Website

The is the way to build Authority website that will attain a long term success. Authority sites are the ONLY long term way to make consistent long term stable placement on Page One of Google or any search engine. This is because they are Virtually immune to Google penalties Make ranking for competitive keywords a joke Turn into monsters that can bring you a full time customers Authority is built over time and with trust However there are factors that if implemented correctly can influence the time it takes your website to become an authority. An authority website helps you create more leads, prospects, and sales. This will also help you with organic searches for your website and it allows you to create a launching pad for all other marketing efforts. There are 7 basic elements to designing any Dominate Authority Website: Creating your Brand/Logo/ Colors Keyword and Competitive Research Website Design that Engages your prospect Compelling Content that ranks well Social Media Networking Rainmaker Traffic that Converts Backlink Building

Putting it all Together

While you may think that all of these elements are the same elements that you read in every SEO article, there is a subtle difference. When implementing these five main factors, if done right, will allow your website to build its authority faster and maintain your presence as an authority for years to come. Building authority takes some time, but it can be sped up through the same simple methods that you would use when building any website. A good looking responsive website, good keyword research, content that is helpful, a presence on social networks and maintaining relevance when building back links, are all the elements needed to build your authority.

SED is simply a Technique to drive more customers...

SEARCH ENGINE DOMINANCE IS THE TRAFFIC DRIVING TECHNIQUE THAT YOU WANT TO EMPLOY ON YOUR WEBSITES. SED is simply taking SEO to the next level of strategy execution. Results are the difference with Strategy and Execution the keys to success. Do you really have the time to devote to keeping up with Google’s constantly changing algorithms of search criteria? Google issued over 5200 changes last year, with the best know being the Panda and Penguin changes. But they go on all year long, well the good news is we do have the time....It’s a pillar of our service commitment.

The Three Pillars of Marketing Success in 2016

1. SEO assures Internet dominance 2. PR is marketing on steroids 3. Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps expands visibility
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