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Social Media Marketing

Understanding the Reach of Facebook Marketing

Facebook has 800 million members and it has steadily grown over the last 5 years. The rise of Facebook and its popularity has enabled many businesses to market their product and services on the world's biggest social networking site. Here are some stats on Facebook. Facebook has over 845 million active monthly users. Content on Facebook gets over 2.7 million likes everyday. 425 million users are mobile users. The average time spent on Facebook is 20 minutes. There are an average of 43% males who use Facebook and 57% females. 89% of agencies said they would use Facebook to advertise for their clients in 2012; either by purchasing ads, creating pages, or other methods of engagement. Not bad for a site that started in 2004!

Reaching Your Customers Where They Hang Out

The ability to reach your specific targeted client is the beauty of Internet marketing. We can determine where your customers spend their time and target advertising, forums, and blogging, at the exact hangouts. Surveys of your customers are one the most effective extractors of this information, and the secrets and tricks of Facebook Marketing can be budget effective and more targeted than traditional newspaper, broadcasting, and Yellow Book mass advertising.

Blogging and Forum Marketing

Blogging is what made the Internet the explosive and dynamic marketing tool it is today. Think Huffington Post and you can see how a simple blogging concept turned into millions for Arianiaa Huffington and Matt Drudge. You can decide how much time you wish to contribute and the amount of control over your message. We can set the exact plan depending upon your marketing needs and marketing budget.
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